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chemistry now available

indie electronic

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mister anderson is most easily described as if james blake and frank sinatra had a musical love-child that was raised by maroon 5, mgmt, and justice in a timeless artist commune in the middle of the desert.


a buffalo-born, san diego-raised 23 singer/producer now based in los angeles, he moved there with his mother and brother as a starry-eyed teenager looking to make it big in the world of hollywood acting, but like most people with the same hopes, he quickly hit reality. while he got minor success in a few indie movies and small roles on t.v. shows, he never really felt a connection to acting.

not having an outlet for his thought,

he self-taught himself producing, bass, and keys through youtube, and after a year or so of awfully terrible experiments, he is where he is today. having played the mainstage at avalon hollywood, the study, busby’s east, and a private charter cruise to 1500, he’s already making waves.

he thought up of the idea of mister anderson after a former band was crumbling right in front of him. mister  anderson, at it’s core, is a release for who he is, for what is bottled up inside. sometimes it will be dark,  sometimes it will be light, but it will most likely be a shade of grey.

-lorelaine tudith, blu PR



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